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spacer Dr. Herbst is a qualified expert in general radiology and particularly in MRI. More than half of his time is spent doing neuroradiology, including brain and spine studies. He reads about 10-30 studies daily, mostly MR scans, but also including radiographs, CT scans, and other modalities. About 20% of his time spent on and about 39% of his income arising from cases sent to him by attorneys for overreads.

While Dr. Herbst does not ask the attorney what side of the case he or she represents before reading a scan, currently about 80% of the cases that come in the door are from plaintiffs and 20% from defendants.

9/24/13: Unfortunately, pending negotiations with Getty Images regarding the alleged use of a copyrighted image in one of my lectures, my lecture notes are no longer available on this website.

Daubert and Frye Issues

PowerPoint on mTBI and Daubert/Frye
Frye Hearing Denied Transcript of a hearing that denied a Frye Hearing regarding Dr. Herbst's DTI-tractography testimony about a patient with brain trauma.

Examples of Interesting Spine Cases
OLD (2001)--Nomenclature and Classification of Lumbar Disc Pathology
NEW! (2014)--Lumbar Disc Nomenclature Version 2.0
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