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Before running RadWorks WebViewer for the first time:
  • In order to be able to run the WebViewer succesfully, you must install the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you have it, just click the link on the bottom of this page to see the demo images.
    Otherwise, please Download of Latest Version of Internet Explorer (IE5.01) and then go back to
  • If you are running Internet Explorer 4.01 and you do not want to upgrade to 5.01 (Why not? It's free!) you may install the updated DLL files from our server. Stop any other running programs on your system and Install updated DLL's in
  • If you have problems seeing the demo images, make sure your settings are correct within Internet Explorer. Make sure you enable cookies and adjust the security settings to enable for ActiveX components (select View>Internet Options...then Security>Custom>Settings in the Options dialog box). A Security level of Medium for both local Intranet and the Internet should do. You must have at least 1024x768 resolution on your monitor.

Click here to see the demo images on RadWorks™ WebViewer
Doctor Access Login
Slow Connections:
It can take 10-15 minutes to download and install the applets if you have a regular dial-up internet connection. However, once the applets are on your computer, it takes only a couple of minutes to download the medical images each subsequent time.
Downloading Applets:
Say yes to any questions that ask if you want to download the applets from Applicare or Radworks.
What do I do with the Login/Query Form in the demo?
When the query form comes up, just click OK. That will allow all patients associated with the referring doctor's name to be displayed.
Advanced users may call us to find out about the other features, such as looking at images that have not yet been read, modifying compression ratios to speed up transmission or to improve quality, and narrowing the search to various dates, names, or modalities.
You may experiment on your own if you like. Don't worry, you can't hurt anything.
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